“They say that the warrior practices in two arenas – that of the pen and that of the sword, and that he must be proficient in both ways.”
Miyamoto Musashi, “Book of Five Rings”.


Welcome to my blog.

This blog follows my persona within the Society for Creative Anachronism or S.C.A., Signore Simone Da Venezia.

Signore Simone hails from Venice, Italy and lives during the late 16th century (1560 – 1599).

I intend for a great deal of this blog to chronicle my journey as I endeavor to learn (and hopefully become adept at) the art of rapier combat within the S.C.A.. It will also act as a repository for my Arts and Sciences endeavors to include articles concerning the collection, restoration and attribution of authentic coins, mostly from the Roman and Medieval eras and the eventual striking of my own replica coins using period techniques.